Cascata Luxury Hair Extensions – Side Fillers – Ice Blonde

Ice Blonde is a stunning and ethereal shade that captures the essence of icy winter landscapes and the shimmering beauty of snowflakes. It is a pale, cool-toned blonde hue that exudes a sense of elegance and sophistication. This colour is reminiscent of the glistening frost on a winter morning, creating a breath taking and icy allure. As a colour it exudes a sense of elegance, grace, and a touch of mystery.

Ice Blonde represents a lighter shade of blonde, almost bordering on silver. It has become a popular choice among those seeking a modern and striking hair colour. Ice Blonde hair cascades in sleek, icy waves or can be styled into chic updos, creating a look that is both glamorous and enchanting.



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Cascata Luxury Hair Extensions – Side Fillers – Ice Blonde

Cascata luxury hair extensions are seamless clip in hair extensions made with 100% human hair. All bespoke colours have been selectively chosen by our team of expert colourists. The seamless discreet lightweight design allows the hair to sit comfortably flush to the scalp, avoiding any bulkiness for a luxurious flawless finish. The comfortable clip in design ensures that there is no damage to your natural hair. The seamless clip in design effortlessly allows you to style your hair in a variety of ways giving you a salon finish every time. Our hair extensions are made with 100% human hair, they are easy to apply and can be styled, heated, and washed just like your own hair. The lifespan of your Cascata clip in hair extensions will be dependent on your personal hair care regime.

Cascata Luxury clip-in Hair Extension Side Filler pack

Each Cascata Luxury clip-in Hair Extension Side Filler pack contains 30g of hair. These are ideal for adding volume to the sides of your hairwhere your hair is at its finest and most brittle. Easy to apply and giving you a just out of the salon look. This set contains four pieces. Side filler packs can be purchased in two lengths 14inch and 18inch.

Apply Cascata luxury seamless clip in extensions in ten simple steps

  1. Separate your hair. Start at the lower back section of your head, use a tail comb or index finger to divide your hair horizontally
  2. Section your hair. The extensions should be attached from the bottom up. Starting at the lowest point on the hairline, and using a tail comb create a parting where you wish to section off the hair
  3. Clip your hair. Tie up your remaining hair firmly on the top of your head, to keep it out of the way as you fit the clips
  4. Prepare the clips. Open all the clips so they are ready to be inserted into your hair
  5. Placement of the first clip. Take the first clip. The first clip should be long enough to sit along the back of your hairline. Take one of the wider hair clips and insert the opened centre clip just below the parting. Insert the snap clip on your hair. Snap the clip shut, so it grips your hair. Repeat with the remaining clips.
  6. Create a new parting. Release the hair you held out of the way and create a new parting. Comb down a layer of hair, with about half an inch or so between each layer. Each time secure the extra hair on top of your head.
  7. Repeat the process. Now insert the remaining clips in the same manner as above. Repeat the process with a new parting above each clip in extension
  8. Check for gaps: Now that your clips are attached, run your fingers along the hair to ensure they lie flat against your head. If there are any gaps, correct this by snapping the clip open, lifting it off the hair and re-positioning it so that the clips lie flat.
  9. Placement of the side pieces: Insert and position the four side pieces so they frame the face and blend with your own hair. Clip in tight against the scalp like step 5
  10. Removing the hair clips: To remove the hair clips snap open all the clips and gently lift up and away from your hair. Never try to remove the extensions without first opening all the clips. Do not pull the clips or they could get damaged

Clip In Extensions Tutorial

Luxury Clip-In Hair Extensions

100% Human Hair

“Our 100% human hair extensions are easy to apply and can be styled, heated, and washed just like natural hair. The lifespan of Cascata clip in hair extensions is dependent on the user’s personal hair care regime, but with proper care, they can last 3-5 years if used daily or even a lifetime if only used occasionally.”

100% Irish Owned

Established and rooted in Ireland, our hair extension business takes great pride in being 100% Irish owned. With a deep sense of community and passion for premium service, we are committed to providing you with the most luxurious quality hair extensions.

Award Winning Team

We started to see there was a big gap in the Irish market for versatile clip-in, hair extensions and set out to create a range of extensions that achieve instant transformations, with low commitment and investment, that don’t damage our client’s natural hair and that can last a lifetime.


Margaret Reilly
Margaret ReillyFANTASTIC!!
Read More
Cascata hair extensions are fantastic. Made such a difference to my overall look and added volume where it was needed. Such good quality and so easy to put in. I hardly knew I was wearing them, so real and colour match with Emma was spot on! Definitely recommend!
Marie Lynch
Read More
Cascata hair extensions are fantastic. I wore them for my wedding very recently. They did not budge and everyone commented on how well my hair looked no one even knew I had extensions in until I told them. I know I will use them over and over again myself too. Thanks to Emma too as she was just so helpful and so easy to deal with in the run up to my wedding and in picking the hairstyle and type of extensions I needed. Cannot recommend Cascata Hair enough!
Imelda Friel
Read More
My best friends were fooled that I had extensions in for my wedding day. They couldn't believe it when I told them. I wore Cascata Hair for 19 hours and even at 3am they were perfect. I couldn't have asked for better!
Helen Reynolds
Helen ReynoldsIT NEVER MOVED!
Read More
My up-do never moved! I didn't feel like I was wearing extensions at all. They added volume to my effortless chic upstyle. Cascata Hair felt so natural and blended so true to the tone of my own hair.
Linda Lewis
Read More
Thank you, thank you, thank you Emma for creating Cascata Hair. My full volume set was just a pleasure to wear for the whole day... and the next! Nobody could tell my hair wasn't all my own.
Elaine Kavanagh
Elaine KavanaghJUST FABULOUS!
Read More
Anyone who loves clip-ins or who is afraid of clip in's, or anyone who thinks they don't need clip in's and would never wear clip in's.. then Cascata Hair is for you!! All jokes aside, the Cascata Hair range is just fabulous.

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