Emma King,

Founder & CEO of Cascata Hair

As a bridal hairstylist, colour technician and managing director of Unique Hair Design, over the last 17 years, time and time again I saw a huge gap in the market for seamless clip-in hair extensions.

Having styled hundreds of brides who would source their extensions for their big day elsewhere, and mature clients with sparse hair looking for thickness and fullness without the commitment of beads, bonds, or tapes, I progressed on my journey to establish my own range of seamless clip-in hair extensions, Cascata Hair.

“Many people ask me the meaning of Cascata and what it stands for…

Cascata is the Italian word for Waterfall.”

A close friend of mine sat me down one evening when we were 6 weeks away from our soft launch. Just to add, she was quite stern, and was probably sick of me throwing names, loving them, hating them, and then not going with them.

She made me write a list of all the things that made me feel good, the things that I love and what I wanted people to feel when they bought my brand. Anybody that knows me, knows I absolutely love the outdoors, nature and the tranquil sound of water.

All these things go hand in hand and made me think of a place very close to my heart, that’s very close to my home. A place that I go when I just need time out and time to think, to gain confidence to realign myself and all my projects – The Waterfall at Billy Foxes Memorial Park.

When looking at the water, it’s free flowing, natural and voluminous – these are the same key characteristics of Cascata Hair.

  • Natural
  • Full
  • Free flowing
  • Voluminous

I can make one promise to you all about Cascata Hair, it will give you the confidence in yourself that I found that day in Billy Foxes. It goes without saying, your hair is the crown you never take off.


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